Cruel Alarm Clock Innovations

These alarm clocks innovations are cruel (yet intelligent). They make clocky look innocent in comparison.

  • This clock gives you an electric shock if you try to snooze, literally jolting you out of bed. 
  • This one donates 10 bucks to charity if you hit snooze (the total amount donated is shown to irritate you further). Talk about the cost of oversleeping.
  • This Gun clock does not have a snooze button at all. You have to use the laser gun to hit the bull’s-eye before the alarm goes off.
  • Workout clock – this dumbbell shaped clock won’t stop until you do 30 reps with the dumbbell

Guys, leave the good old alarm clock alone. No innovation is required here. What is required is a simple clock, which can be silenced by simply moving a finger (and then I can sleep shamelessly!!)

Alarm Clock

Dear Alarm Clock,
I love you the way you are. Don’t ever think of changing.
Not a morning person

Terminator’s Band

Move aside Gangnam Sytle and One pound Fish, the new internet sensation is here – Compressor head – an all robot heavy metal band that is really awesome.

Watch them play:

Ace of spades (all set to be the next viral video)

Pantera Cover

Here are the band members of this cover band:

  • Stickboy: Drummer – Four hands and a cool metallic mohawkstickboy
  • Fingers: 78 Hydraulic actuated fingers, faster than you thinkfingers
  • Bones: The cool BassistBones

This is really the worlds’ heaviest metal band!!

Also see – Compressor Head’s Facebook Page and Website

Awesome: History of E=MC^2

Just came across this awesome video – “Einstein’s Big Idea” which tracks down key events in the history of physics leading to the discovery of arguably the most important equation in the history of science – E=MC^2.

Best thing about the video is that things are presented in a wonderfully easy to understand language without complicating with jargons. Discussions which Einstein is having with his wife Keep Reading…

Is there a Truth Gene – Why are some people more honest than others?

Is honesty genetic? Can ones genetic makeup determine ones tendency to be honest/dishonest?

Some cultures/countries/societies/tribes are more honest than others – it is due to their genes? Or is it just the shared environment? Or a combination?

And if it is all genetic – can people be made more honest clinically (may be by gene therapy – activating the truth gene by some chemical agent)?

Can (or Should?) genetic screening help select/reject right people for key positions (politics/judges/police etc.)?

The kind of world we are living in, there are economic/social benefits of dishonesty. Given this, and the concept of natural selection, will the truth gene(s), gradually become extinct?

Anyone has any insights, research, data, etc. to help answer these questions?

Book Review – Radioactivity : A History of a Mysterious Science

Radioactivity: A History of a Mysterious Science, written by Marjorie C Malley, is a non-fiction detailing the history of Radioactivity and how it captivated the imagination of the scientific community as well as the industry, politicians, and the general public.

Radioactivity was not just another scientific phenomenon. It created a new branch of study in itself, had a profound impact on the society, international politics, war, business and industry and medical sciences.

This is a very geeky book with lots of scientific jargon which a non-technical person may not be able to understand without considerable effort. However, readers who have relevant technical background will find it a good and interesting read.

I loved the portions of the book which contained the stories of the researchers, even more than the technical stuff. I was interesting to know  Keep Reading…

Alfa Bravo Charlie for Technologists

In my last company, most interactions with clients and potential clients used to happen on phone or thru emails. We were a technology company and wanted to demonstrate our geekiness and technology-centric thinking to the listeners. Avenues to do that over a phone are quite limited (unless you are willing to bore the listener to death by launching a long “about us monologue”). We developed a very innovative way to position ourselves during client calls  – our own version of the Alfa Bravo Charlie phonetic alphabets – using science and technology related terms – see the sample below –

A as in Aeronautics

B as in Biotechnology

Keep Reading…

Why Engineers are Good at Analytics

This study done by jointly by University of Amsterdam, Jacobs University Breman, and University of Groningen analyzes the influence of feelings related to romance and sex on creative and analytical capabilities.

The study proves that thinking about romance increases long term focus and improves creativity. The reasoning given is that that when in love, people typically focus on a long-term perspective, which enhances holistic thinking and thereby creative thought.

On the other hand while thinking of sex boosts up your analytical capabilities. While thinking of sex the focus is totally on what is there right now (short term focus), resulting in better analytical capabilities.

So, while going for an analytical test -you know what should you be thinking about. BTW, now I fully understand why all engineers are good at analytics!

Waterless Washing

A company Xeros have developed a system to wash laundary using less than 10% of the amount of water as compared to currently available methods. This is done by the use of small polymer beads. These beads pull off stains from clothes and lock them into its molecular structure. Moreover, these beads can be used again and again … upto hundreds of washes. This process was invented by University of Leeds scientist Stephen Burkinshaw. The technology on which the process is based is explained in this published patent application.

Not only clothes, there are now products in market which allow “waterless shampooing of hair”. Details can be found here.


From DNA to Design (and loads of Money!!)

Winning ideas are amazingly simple.

They are always there; just that no one noticed it. Until a maverick comes and finds it out, nurtures it, builds it into a winning business enterprise – and leaves you wondering – Oh man, why didn’t I think about it.

Have you ever seen a DNA gel electrophoresis. It is basically a dull black and white Keep reading…