Is there a Truth Gene – Why are some people more honest than others?


Is honesty genetic? Can ones genetic makeup determine ones tendency to be honest/dishonest?

Some cultures/countries/societies/tribes are more honest than others – it is due to their genes? Or is it just the shared environment? Or a combination?

And if it is all genetic – can people be made more honest clinically (may be by gene therapy – activating the truth gene by some chemical agent)?

Can (or Should?) genetic screening help select/reject right people for key positions (politics/judges/police etc.)?

The kind of world we are living in, there are economic/social benefits of dishonesty. Given this, and the concept of natural selection, will the truth gene(s), gradually become extinct?

Anyone has any insights, research, data, etc. to help answer these questions?


One thought on “Is there a Truth Gene – Why are some people more honest than others?

  1. Ken

    That’s a good question I just asked myself. I can trace my roots back almost 950 years. From what I have seen , honesty is something this family has demanded over the centuries. Honesty is truth and the truth sets us free. Since this genetic line began in 1066 , it has produced many politicians and leaders in their respective fields. I strongly believe that this is genetic as is the common sense or even intellect that the family lineage has provided it’s descendants. Saying that politicians are honest sounds ignorant on my behalf however these politicians were not manipulators or liars. ( quite honestly you’ve possibly never heard my surname before) A fine example would be a family member who was at a high rank at both the DEA and NORML at the same time. That shows conviction , belief , integrity and above all the honesty you mention. So my friend since these qualities have remained with the descendants over almost a millennium , not only in Europe , but North America , Africa , India and even Australia , I must say that is simply genetic and not due to ones environment or even upbringing as I never knew this family history and see the same qualities in myself as my ancestors possessed and many even told to me by others prior to the genetic research. Cheers to your excellent question that may take years of science to still discover but alas I believe it is correct and it is genetic without external manipulation. I have asked a family member about this as he is a DNA researcher but no evidence YET suggests it.

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