Is there a Truth Gene – Why are some people more honest than others?

Is honesty genetic? Can ones genetic makeup determine ones tendency to be honest/dishonest?

Some cultures/countries/societies/tribes are more honest than others – it is due to their genes? Or is it just the shared environment? Or a combination?

And if it is all genetic – can people be made more honest clinically (may be by gene therapy – activating the truth gene by some chemical agent)?

Can (or Should?) genetic screening help select/reject right people for key positions (politics/judges/police etc.)?

The kind of world we are living in, there are economic/social benefits of dishonesty. Given this, and the concept of natural selection, will the truth gene(s), gradually become extinct?

Anyone has any insights, research, data, etc. to help answer these questions?

From DNA to Design (and loads of Money!!)

Winning ideas are amazingly simple.

They are always there; just that no one noticed it. Until a maverick comes and finds it out, nurtures it, builds it into a winning business enterprise – and leaves you wondering – Oh man, why didn’t I think about it.

Have you ever seen a DNA gel electrophoresis. It is basically a dull black and white Keep reading…