Never imagined Facebook would be used for this!

After Facebook being used in a variety of scenarios like match-making, dumping your wife, election campaigningrecruitment, novel writing, SOS, even writing a suicide message, here is the latest stuff – Facebook is being used to connect women, whose babies need supplemental milk, to lactating women who have extra milk (see full story here). A search cannot be more focussed (its a unique combination of needs and availability) and localized (both the recipient and the donor needs to be in the same locality). Forget you and me, even Zuckerberg could not have imagined this!!

PS – Just came across this piece, Israeli Military is using face book to catch hold of females avoiding serving the army by giving false information about their religious background. This is interesting!

Lets Tweet & Discover the Power of Micro-Blogging

A lot has been said, written and discussed about the use of Twitter as a tool for marketing (for the uninitiated Twitter is a micro-blogging service where you can send/receive 140 character long posts, called as tweets. You can tweet using cell phones also, and people can follow your tweets). After blogs and social networking, it is considered as the next big thing for viral/buzz marketing. Sony’s viral game for movie Terminator Salvation (where users use twitter for resistance squadrons in order to fight the machines) is one example of a successful viral marketing campaigns using Twitter. You will find a “Follow us on Twitter” link on a significant number of commercial websites these days. Keep Reading…