Google vs. Microsoft: You Bing me, I Chrome You


The inevitable has happened. Google has announced its intent to launch an operating system. Named as the Google Chrome OS, the operating system would be an open source system, initially targeted at netbooks. Speed, simplicity and security (all three features which lack in windows) will be the USPs of the new operating system. According to the announcement, the OS will have a minimalist interface (something which is very typical of Google). To start with the OS will be targeted towards users who spend a lot of time on the internet. Considering that their business is mostly limited to the internet, it is difficult to say whether a full fledged version of the OS is being planned of or not. Keep Reading…

Search 2.0 – What’s next in Internet Search?


If you want any information/data, you put a query (one or more words describing what you want) in an internet search engine, and it helps you in finding relevant websites having the desired information. In short, a search engine helps you find the source of the information and not the information itself. Currently, this is more or less how almost all search engines work.

However, search engines are evolving. Taking clues from current research, beta versions of newly launched search engines and limited search features provided by some of the existing search engines, we will soon have search engines which will provide answer to our questions, the data/information we want, rather than directing is to a list of potential sources. Keep Reading…

Do You Google, Will You Bing?


No company has ever dominated one industry at the global level as Google has dominated Internet Search. It is not wrong to say that there are two types of people on this earth – those who use Google and those who do not use the internet.

Recently, Microsoft has unveiled a new search engine Bing, which will eventually replace the MSN live search. Bing, Microsoft’s attempt to break Google monopoly in internet search, has a refreshingly cool and colourful webpage. Publicized as a “Decision Engine” rather than a “Search Engine”, Bing helps people make better decisions regarding shopping, travel, restaurant, health, etc. Not surprising, this is from where most of the advertising money comes from. Keep Reading…