An Engineers’ Selection of Most Creative Google Doodles

It all started in the year 1998, when the Google Founders, to indicate their attendance in the burning man festival, added a stick burning man figure to the Google logo making the first Google Doodle, . With time, Google Doodles have become the most potent and eagerly awaited expression of creativity on the internet. Sergey Brin even got patent on the concept of Doodles (Titled – Systems and method of enticing users to a website). Google Doodles are based on a variety of topics ranging from festivals, political/non-political events, famous personalities, etc. However, I find the once related to scientific inventions as the most creative and intelligent ones. Below is my list of five most creative as well as intelligent doodles.

  • Number Five – On the 50th Anniversary of understanding the structure of the DNA

Google Doodle on 50th Anniversary of Understanding DNA

Waterless Washing

A company Xeros have developed a system to wash laundary using less than 10% of the amount of water as compared to currently available methods. This is done by the use of small polymer beads. These beads pull off stains from clothes and lock them into its molecular structure. Moreover, these beads can be used again and again … upto hundreds of washes. This process was invented by University of Leeds scientist Stephen Burkinshaw. The technology on which the process is based is explained in this published patent application.

Not only clothes, there are now products in market which allow “waterless shampooing of hair”. Details can be found here.