Terminator’s Band

Move aside Gangnam Sytle and One pound Fish, the new internet sensation is here – Compressor head – an all robot heavy metal band that is really awesome.

Watch them play:

Ace of spades (all set to be the next viral video)

Pantera Cover

Here are the band members of this cover band:

  • Stickboy: Drummer – Four hands and a cool metallic mohawkstickboy
  • Fingers: 78 Hydraulic actuated fingers, faster than you thinkfingers
  • Bones: The cool BassistBones

This is really the worlds’ heaviest metal band!!

Also see – Compressor Head’s Facebook Page and Website

My thoughts on Prezi

When I first saw this tool, I was floored. In Prezi, I saw an immense potential to change the way presentations are made and delivered. It is much more visually appealing and gives a much wider platform to structure stories and conversations around the visuals. Around a year down the line and after going thru numerous samples (Explore section of the Prezi website), I am no longer that excited about it.

And why I am disillusioned is not because of the tool. There are, no doubt, some very good and unique features in Prezi as compared to PowerPoint. One of the greatest flaw of PowerPoint is that the flow and navigation is mostly linear. Prezi solves this problem. The ability to zoom-in and out gives a new meaning to presenting things in context. Try presenting and explaining MindMaps or Balanced ScoreCard linkages using a Prezi. So much easier and elegant than a PowerPoint (or any other comparable tool). My disillusionment is because of the way people have used (or should I say abused) it.

The indiscriminate screen movements, the unnecessary zoom-in and zoom-out, the vertigo inducing rotations of the screen – that too without any thought and purpose behind it (in most cases). These features have been used like hammer in the hand of hulk – without any restraint whatsoever. Over-doing of these visual effects act as a distraction, making the audience focus more on the presentation than the presenter.

The more sophisticated the tool becomes, the more time should be spent on the drawing board – I call this blue printing the presentation. If a PowerPoint lacking a well thought of blue print is bad, a thoughtless Prezi is torture.

In the end, I must say that PowerPoint is as extensively debased as it is used. As if there is one and only one reason for the massive suffering endured by mankind due to bad presentations – PowerPoint. Its like blaming AK-47 rifles for terrorism in Afghanistan. It’s not the rifle, but the finger on the trigger which matters most.

There is no tool (and there will never be) that can eradicate bad presentations. Because bad presentations are not about the tool, it’s about you and me, the ones who are presenting.

An Engineers’ Selection of Most Creative Google Doodles

It all started in the year 1998, when the Google Founders, to indicate their attendance in the burning man festival, added a stick burning man figure to the Google logo making the first Google Doodle, . With time, Google Doodles have become the most potent and eagerly awaited expression of creativity on the internet. Sergey Brin even got patent on the concept of Doodles (Titled – Systems and method of enticing users to a website). Google Doodles are based on a variety of topics ranging from festivals, political/non-political events, famous personalities, etc. However, I find the once related to scientific inventions as the most creative and intelligent ones. Below is my list of five most creative as well as intelligent doodles.

  • Number Five – On the 50th Anniversary of understanding the structure of the DNA

Google Doodle on 50th Anniversary of Understanding DNA

Alfa Bravo Charlie for Technologists

In my last company, most interactions with clients and potential clients used to happen on phone or thru emails. We were a technology company and wanted to demonstrate our geekiness and technology-centric thinking to the listeners. Avenues to do that over a phone are quite limited (unless you are willing to bore the listener to death by launching a long “about us monologue”). We developed a very innovative way to position ourselves during client calls  – our own version of the Alfa Bravo Charlie phonetic alphabets – using science and technology related terms – see the sample below –

A as in Aeronautics

B as in Biotechnology

Keep Reading…

Never imagined Facebook would be used for this!

After Facebook being used in a variety of scenarios like match-making, dumping your wife, election campaigningrecruitment, novel writing, SOS, even writing a suicide message, here is the latest stuff – Facebook is being used to connect women, whose babies need supplemental milk, to lactating women who have extra milk (see full story here). A search cannot be more focussed (its a unique combination of needs and availability) and localized (both the recipient and the donor needs to be in the same locality). Forget you and me, even Zuckerberg could not have imagined this!!

PS – Just came across this piece, Israeli Military is using face book to catch hold of females avoiding serving the army by giving false information about their religious background. This is interesting!

Open Innovation Model: A Collaborative Approach to Managing Innovation


No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else‘ 

 – Bill Joy, Sun Microsystems

You cannot hire all the smart people – there will always be some who are not working for you. When it comes to innovation, loosing out on these smart people can make a lot of difference.

How to tap on the potential of these smart people? How to develop a strategy that will ensure that good and innovative business ideas from these people are used to the benefit of your business? How about the case when some of these people have already developed a solution to the problem you are looking at? How to involve and collaborate with these people?

The answer lies in ‘Open Innovation’ – a business model characterized by encouraging people outside your organization to innovate and generate solutions for your specific problems, acquiring these solutions, and using them as if they were generated internally by your R&D team. Keep Reading…

From DNA to Design (and loads of Money!!)

Winning ideas are amazingly simple.

They are always there; just that no one noticed it. Until a maverick comes and finds it out, nurtures it, builds it into a winning business enterprise – and leaves you wondering – Oh man, why didn’t I think about it.

Have you ever seen a DNA gel electrophoresis. It is basically a dull black and white Keep reading…

Honey, I Made A Diamond From You!

Just came across this company, LifeGem, which claims to convert carbon gathered from your loved ones (either through hair locks, if they are still with you, or through their cremated remains, if they are no longer with you) into diamonds. According to them, the diamond thus created will be “a memorial to their unique life, or as a symbol of your personal and precious bond with another”. Personalized diamonds, as you may call it.

Well, giving a personalized diamond to your loved ones may be exciting, but the idea of having the cremated remains of the ones you have lost converted to diamonds and kept as memory sounded a bit creepy to me. Will having a diamond made out of the remains of your loved ones help in lessening the grief and pain? Frankly, I don’t know. However, these are just my personal views, I did find a lot of testimonials of people who have availed of this service and have benefited emotionally from it. Keep Reading

Another Fab. Design Innovation – A “To-Do” Clock

To-Do Clock

To-Do Clock

Talking about innovations, the most elegant ones are also the most simple. I was browsing thru this design blog, where I found this clock which also has a “To-Do” feature. I just loved this design. For someone like me who is not very comfortable setting reminders on mobile phones, this clock is an excellent tool to organize and plan a day. 


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