Honey, I Made A Diamond From You!

Just came across this company, LifeGem, which claims to convert carbon gathered from your loved ones (either through hair locks, if they are still with you, or through their cremated remains, if they are no longer with you) into diamonds. According to them, the diamond thus created will be “a memorial to their unique life, or as a symbol of your personal and precious bond with another”. Personalized diamonds, as you may call it.

Well, giving a personalized diamond to your loved ones may be exciting, but the idea of having the cremated remains of the ones you have lost converted to diamonds and kept as memory sounded a bit creepy to me. Will having a diamond made out of the remains of your loved ones help in lessening the grief and pain? Frankly, I don’t know. However, these are just my personal views, I did find a lot of testimonials of people who have availed of this service and have benefited emotionally from it. Keep Reading

Even Google Crashed…

Due to the sheer number of users trying to search news about the King of Pop, for more than half hour, the Google news search was treating the query “Michael Jackson” as an automated attack. This is the first time I am hearing of a crash of Google search services, just due to the sheer magnitude of search.

MJ was no doubt a genius, but a flawed one. I was shocked to know about his unfortunate death. I would have loved to see him regain his glory in the much talked about This is It Concert (800,000 tickets were sold in five hours). Alas, that will never happen.

We will all remember his incredible dance moves, his moon walk, the jacket and glove, and the music. It rocked man!

RIP, King of Pop, you will be missed by millions of your fans all over the world.

PS: not many know that Michael Jackson was granted a patent for a shoe which can help the wearer to lean forward (remember his forward lean in Smooth Criminal).