Some More Hungry and Foolish IITGians

Jeff Stibel, in this article, has equated entrepreneurship to a disease. He further adds that “it is a character trait, a labor of love, a zeal that cannot be trained, a condition that cannot be treated, an illness that cannot be caught. You’ve either got it or you don’t”.

I had written earlier about IIT Guwahati alumni who have been inflicted by this disease. It was about a year ago. I am updating that list now. I (unfortunately) missed out a few last time, and some more people have taken the plunge. Prominent additions to the list, mentioned in the earlier post, are –

Hungry and Foolish IITGians

The most striking thing about the whole IIT system is that it can more or less guarantee a secure career to most people (yes there are people who still manage to screw up in spite of the “IIT Tag”). It’s difficult to leave the comfort of this security and do something on your own – start your own venture.

Last week, while I was trying to get in touch with IITG Alumni in Mumbai for an informal alumni meet, I came across a lot of start-up/new ventures founded by IITGians. I was already aware of a few of these, and another few were anticipated (especially by senior batches, who would have accumulated a few years of industry experience and would be of the, what I call as “the ripe age” to start on their own). However, I was pleasantly surprised to find some of my juniors to have started their own companies. While the start-ups from seniors (people with the ripe age:) ) are more tech oriented, the newer ones are more generic and can be categorized as Web 2.0 ventures. However, all of them sound equally interesting. And the best part was to see the “CXO” “VP” tags next to these people’s names. Keep Reading…