Cruel Alarm Clock Innovations

These alarm clocks innovations are cruel (yet intelligent). They make clocky look innocent in comparison.

  • This clock gives you an electric shock if you try to snooze, literally jolting you out of bed. 
  • This one donates 10 bucks to charity if you hit snooze (the total amount donated is shown to irritate you further). Talk about the cost of oversleeping.
  • This Gun clock does not have a snooze button at all. You have to use the laser gun to hit the bull’s-eye before the alarm goes off.
  • Workout clock – this dumbbell shaped clock won’t stop until you do 30 reps with the dumbbell

Guys, leave the good old alarm clock alone. No innovation is required here. What is required is a simple clock, which can be silenced by simply moving a finger (and then I can sleep shamelessly!!)

Alarm Clock

Dear Alarm Clock,
I love you the way you are. Don’t ever think of changing.
Not a morning person

Another Fab. Design Innovation – A “To-Do” Clock

To-Do Clock

To-Do Clock

Talking about innovations, the most elegant ones are also the most simple. I was browsing thru this design blog, where I found this clock which also has a “To-Do” feature. I just loved this design. For someone like me who is not very comfortable setting reminders on mobile phones, this clock is an excellent tool to organize and plan a day. 


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Clock for ‘9 to 5’ers

Ever wondered by almost all clocks have the hours 3, 6, 9 and 12 highlighted? Something to do with symmetry I guess. But, why not highlight any other hour? And why not highlight based on functional aspects rather than aesthetic aspects?

9-5 clock Probably this was the question in the mind of the designer who came up this amazing design of a clock which has 9 (the time at which one should come to office) 12 (lunch time) and 5 (time to go) highlighted in the clock. Out of box thinking at its best!

HR Managers: if you are looking for something to gift to your employees – search no more – this is the perfect gift you can give to your employees!

And when I start working, I definitely want this clock in my office.

Source: I.D. Magazine