Good Stuff I Read this week – May 03 2015


Just a collection of some interesting/useful/informative stuff I stumbled upon this week!!

The Importance of Respect (Strategic Finance Magazine) – Cannot agree more with this article. Respecting your team members and colleagues is the more powerful and impactful than anything else you can do to be professionally successful.

Quotable Quote: Why is respect important? Because it is an essential qualification for a successful career and is sought after as you progress through various stages of leadership and responsibility. It’s something that you want to earn and something that you want to bestow.

Inside Automattic’s Remote Hiring Process – An inside view on the hiring process of the company with the most unique office set-up (100% remote).

Quotable Quote: A) never interview anyone that I’m not confident will make it to a trial, and B) never offer a trial to anyone who I’m not fairly confident will make it to a final interview.

Most Common Biases that effect business decision making

A very interesting case study on the struggles of a whistle-blower – Scary how difficult it is to fight big corporates. Immense respect for Tony for not giving up!!

Most productive ways to disagree across cultures – a very relevant read for anyone working in a cross cultural environment

On a lighter note, these 27 new words are insanely funny!!

Also, another fail from Microsoft –  they have this age guessing site, which is almost always wrong.

And to end this post: tech troubles in Marble Universe

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