Some More Hungry and Foolish IITGians

Jeff Stibel, in this article, has equated entrepreneurship to a disease. He further adds that “it is a character trait, a labor of love, a zeal that cannot be trained, a condition that cannot be treated, an illness that cannot be caught. You’ve either got it or you don’t”.

I had written earlier about IIT Guwahati alumni who have been inflicted by this disease. It was about a year ago. I am updating that list now. I (unfortunately) missed out a few last time, and some more people have taken the plunge. Prominent additions to the list, mentioned in the earlier post, are –

  • Deskala Research and Design Consulting founded by Kshitiz Anand (2005 Batch). Before I say anything else, let me mention that Deskala has one of the most beautiful and neat websites I have ever seen. True designers at work here. Deskala provides design research, design workshops and user experience consulting services.
  • Vivu Inc. founded by Sivakiran (2006 Batch)- I remember Siva a the thin geeky guy from our batch, who apparently knew more about programming and stuff than the 3rd year seniors. Vivu provides video conferencing solutions. Siva is in great company at Vivu, check the list of his team members here and the companies Vivu is partnering with here
  • Support Bee – This is the second start-up by Prateek Dayal (2005 Batch), after founding hugely popular site Muziboo, a kinda social network for musicians (Read ET covering Muziboo here). Support Bee is a help desk software which promises to be as easy to use as managing emails. Currently the product is in private beta version.
  • Jaxl founded by Abhinav Singh (2007 Batch). Jaxl is a communicator for websites with instant messaging, social networking and sharing capabilities. The product is currently under alpha release.
  • Learn 4 Life Academia founded by Soumen Das (2006 Batch). L4L provides technical training, personality development and communication skill training to students in the various north-eastern colleges. It is focused on filling the skill gap between the students and corporate requirements. (Read covering L4L here)

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish and All the Best to all of you!!!

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