An Engineers’ Selection of Most Creative Google Doodles

It all started in the year 1998, when the Google Founders, to indicate their attendance in the burning man festival, added a stick burning man figure to the Google logo making the first Google Doodle, . With time, Google Doodles have become the most potent and eagerly awaited expression of creativity on the internet. Sergey Brin even got patent on the concept of Doodles (Titled – Systems and method of enticing users to a website). Google Doodles are based on a variety of topics ranging from festivals, political/non-political events, famous personalities, etc. However, I find the once related to scientific inventions as the most creative and intelligent ones. Below is my list of five most creative as well as intelligent doodles.

  • Number Five – On the 50th Anniversary of understanding the structure of the DNA

Google Doodle on 50th Anniversary of Understanding DNA

  • Number Four -On the birth anniversary of Gregor Mendel

Google Doodle on Gregor Mendel's 189th Birthday

Google Doodle on Pi Day

  • There is a tie at Number Two, both these doodles are similar in concept and I find both of them equally amazing – Google Logo in Morse Code and Google Logo in Braille System

Google Doodle on Samuel Morse's Birthday

Google Doodle on Louis Braille Birthday

  • Number One – Google Doodle on Thomas Edison’s Birthday

Google Doodle on Thomas Edison's Birthday

Bonus Doodle – This is my personal favorite – The Doodle on Einstein’s BirthdayGoogle Doodle on Albert Einstein's Birthday

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