Alfa Bravo Charlie for Technologists

In my last company, most interactions with clients and potential clients used to happen on phone or thru emails. We were a technology company and wanted to demonstrate our geekiness and technology-centric thinking to the listeners. Avenues to do that over a phone are quite limited (unless you are willing to bore the listener to death by launching a long “about us monologue”). We developed a very innovative way to position ourselves during client calls  – our own version of the Alfa Bravo Charlie phonetic alphabets – using science and technology related terms – see the sample below –

A as in Aeronautics

B as in Biotechnology

C as in chemistry

D as in Design… and so on

(My favorites were F as in Fuzzy Logic, N as in Nobel Prize, and R as in Random Numbers)

So my way of telling my email id was “AshutoshA as in Aeronautics, S as in Science, H as in Horticulture, U as in UFO, T as in Technology, O as in Oncology……..”

Believe me when I say, the clients (who themselves were deep into technology – most of them were Scientists/Innovators/PhDs) really liked this,  at least they noticed us,  remembered us,  and sometimes ever talked to their co-workers about us. A truly elegant and subtle way to convey the message – we are like you  – hardcore into technology!

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