One Idiot and Lots of Patents!

After God, the most powerful entity in the whole world is the Hero of a Hindi Movie. He can do anything. He is a genius.  

In the movie 3 idiots, when the 2 lesser idiots meet the third and ultimate idiot after 10 years (or was it five), they realize that he has become a great scientist.

But, kitna great?

Well 400 patents jitna great!

That to 400 patents in 10 years….

i.e. 400 patents in 3650 days…..

which means one patent in approximately every nine days!!

This guy churned out patents faster than the rate at which we churn out term papers!

No one other than a Hindi film hero can do this!

2 thoughts on “One Idiot and Lots of Patents!

  1. Piyush says:

    Haha yeah very true …only in Hindi films do we see such supernormal stuff happening 😀 Just guess what the number of patents would have been if the scientist was Rajni Anna !! I think Rajni anna can produce patents at the rate a xerox machine photocopies documents!! 🙂

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