Scientific Research – Seriously?

I always had a great respect for scientific research. Basic research builds the platform for technological innovations and development, which in turn improves the standard of living. The quality of life today is much better than 50 years ago, the credit for which goes entirely to scientific research.

However, these days I find so many news articles/reports about research projects which seem useless at the best, and more often are ridiculous and purely stupid. Sample this: This research studied the response of a cockatoo towards more than 1000 videos and inferred that animals can indeed dance!! Another one proved that fleas living on dogs can jump higher than those living on cats. Phew! 

And this one is really amazing – Drinking excess coffee can shrink the size of breasts. What were they thinking when they undertook this study? And to ally the fears of all the women who they thought would be worried about the findings, one of the researchers said that “They will get smaller but they aren’t just going to disappear”!!!

Some researchers have proved, after doing elaborate mathematical analysis, that stings of hair in a heap will eventually tangle. Another research has proved that there is a correlation between hip to waist ratio and IQ levels of women.

There are some which just prove the very obvious like Long legs are more sexy and Male science nerds are more likely to be virgins – I mean everyone knows that, you don’t need to do a research to tell us that.

Proving the point that Indians are second to none – we had a group of researchers from Kerala Agriculture university who developed a model to predict the surface are of an adult elephant (seriously).And this one is much more insane – a group from National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Bangalore, discovered that Adoloscents’ common activity is nose picking!

Long live the spirit of Scientific Inquiry!!!

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