Hungry and Foolish IITGians

The most striking thing about the whole IIT system is that it can more or less guarantee a secure career to most people (yes there are people who still manage to screw up in spite of the “IIT Tag”). It’s difficult to leave the comfort of this security and do something on your own – start your own venture.

Last week, while I was trying to get in touch with IITG Alumni in Mumbai for an informal alumni meet, I came across a lot of start-up/new ventures founded by IITGians. I was already aware of a few of these, and another few were anticipated (especially by senior batches, who would have accumulated a few years of industry experience and would be of the, what I call as “the ripe age” to start on their own). However, I was pleasantly surprised to find some of my juniors to have started their own companies. While the start-ups from seniors (people with the ripe age:) ) are more tech oriented, the newer ones are more generic and can be categorized as Web 2.0 ventures. However, all of them sound equally interesting. And the best part was to see the “CXO” “VP” tags next to these people’s names.

Given below is a list of ventures opened by IIT Guwahati Students, which I could find on LinkedIn and Google Search

Dristi Soft Solutions Private Limited founded by Sachin Bhatia (2000 batch) – Probably the first and the biggest start-up by an IITGian. I believe it crossed the USD 1 million in revenues mark in the year 2006. The company provide comprehensive communication suite to contact/call centres. A software product company, Dristi has a centre in Philippines also.

ReviewGist founded by Nishant Soni (2003 Batch) – A website where reviews of various electronic items are aggregated

SecurityTube and Axonize (this venture was probably closed down), founded by Vivek Ramachandran (2004 Batch) – Vivek is a quintessential technocrat – has done a lot of work and has won a lot of awards in the domain of wireless security. His personal website is

 Dhruvaa Software (I was not able to locate the website) co-founded by Jaspreet Singh (2004 Batch) – One of the few software products companies in India which has managed to launch successful software products. published an article on them

Yellow Fourier Technologies founded by Natasha Sodhi and Sai S Krovvidi – Supplies innovative lab products to engineering colleges at reasonable cost. It was the first venture incubated by IIT Guwahati. Natasha has moved-on to do an MBA from Wharton.

Muziboo co-founded by Prateek Dayal aka PMD, along with his wife – (2005 batch) – an online music sharing portal focused on amateurs

YouthPad founded by Ankit Nagori (2007 batch) – a web 2.0 social networking site aimed at providing a platform to the youth of NCR

CASHurDRIVE founded by Raghu Khanna (2008 batch) – labelled as India’s first onwheel advertising company, the main idea behind this venture is earn money by putting trendy looking ads on cars.

Ulite Software Solutions founded by Rahul Bhatt aka Khe Khe (2005 batch) – specializes in Outsourced Product Development partnerships with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Application Service Providers (ASPs) and Software Consultants

NextGen PMS Pvt. Ltd Co-founded by Nilakshi Das (2007 batch) – this venture was incubated by BITS Pilani. Works in the domain of Environment Consulting (emission management, reducing carbon footprint, carbon credits, etc.)

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish and All the Best to all of you!!!

PS: Have I missed anyone from the list? If yes, please let me know.

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2 thoughts on “Hungry and Foolish IITGians

  1. Aniruddh Jain says:

    You missed ViVu Inc.. Creating waves these days in the Silicon Valley

    Update: Druva software received a 5 million USD investment from Sequoia Capital

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